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Initialize the Project

Once you have the CLI installed globally, you will want to cd into the root directory of your project. This should be the folder where the package.json file lives. We need to initialize QA Flag on this project, by using the init command.

qaflag init

This command will walk you through a series of questions, which should be fairly self explanatory. However, let's go over each in case there is confusion.

  • Base URL - This will be used as the final fallback for base for any request paths in your scenarios. It can be overridden on the scenario, suite, or environment level, through the QAFLAG_BASE_URL environment variable.
  • Source Folder - We recommend placing the suites alongside your main project code (with the *.suite.ts pattern). The default is src, but you can change this if your source files live in another root or if you want your QA Flag suites to have their own source folder.
  • Types of Tests - QA Flag is flexible and can support a wide variety of test scenarios. Choose only the ones you intend to use in this current project.

It may take a minute or two to complete. This process will install the required dependencies based on your selections.