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E2E Browser with Playwright

Playwright is a remote-control browser created by Microsoft, similar to Google's Puppeteer or Selenium. In either headful (you see a browser) or headless (it runs hidden in the background) modes, you can execute tests just like you're a user clicking around the web site.

Here's a basic example with QA Flag:

import { Scenario, Suite } from "@qaflag/core";
import { PlaywrightContext, PlaywrightScenario } from "@qaflag/playwright";

export class GoogleSearch extends Suite({
title: "Test Google Search",
type: PlaywrightScenario,
baseUrl: "",
}) {
uri: "GET /",
async queryForJasonByrneGithub(context: PlaywrightContext) {
const searchTerm = "Jason Byrne Github";
const button = await context.find("'Google Search'");
const textbox = await context.find("[aria-label='Search']");
await textbox.keyboard.input(searchTerm);
await context.waitForNavigation();
await context.exists("'Jason Byrne jasonbyrne - GitHub'");
const searchValue = await textbox.value();