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Run Suites

The run command is used to run one or more suites.

If you use it without additional parameters, QA Flag will ask you which suite you want to run.

qaflag run

Adding the full name after run you can specify which suite to run

qaflag run UsersSuite

If you want to run more than one, you can add additional suite names, space-separated:

qaflag run UsersSuite VideosSuite

It can also take wildcards, within quotes, and capitalization is irrelevant:

qaflag run "users*"

If you want to run all of your test suites, use the --all argument

qaflag run --all

For any of the above commands you can add --build to have it rebuild the tests before running

qaflag run --build --all

To change the base URL from what is in the qaflag.json default:

qaflag run --base https://staging.some.domain